Stock Your Refrigerator with Fresh Cut Meats & Produce from Our Grocery Store in South Glastonbury, Connecticut

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat. 7AM - 8PM  & Sun 7AM - 7PM

We are located at 868 Main Street South Glastonbury, CT in the Nayaug Shopping Center.

 Visit our grocery store in South Glastonbury, Connecticut,
to see our selection of fresh cut meats.


So G, South Glastonbury's very own coffee roaster! Don't delay try now. Located next to Char Koon, Nayuag shopping plaza.
Phone: 860-633-8500

Char Koon
 is a very popular pacific rim cuisine restaurant in the plaza. The restaurant is very small maybe ten tables total. Large take out!

Phone: 860-657-3656